It happens to everyone… you have that favorite dress or suit that says everything about you. Sharp, beautiful, graceful, well dressed, professional… but you can’t wear it anymore. Your body has changed but your clothes have not changed with it.

Or you tear a hem on something that snags your skirt or pants. Maybe you lose a button and don’t have time to replace it. Then there’s that perfect outfit you bought, but it’s not your size.

What do you do? Go To An Expert.

The Perfect Fit Alterations

Village Cleaners Can Give You Your Perfect Fit!

At Village Cleaners we can get you the perfect fit. We’re the area’s experts when it comes to alterations and tailoring. Our staff have decades of experience in altering and repairing garments for male and female customers alike.
Altering clothing to fit
Replacing buttons
Repairing fabric
Adjusting hems
Altering garment sizes
Repairing clothing items
Village Cleaners has the experience to professionally repair or alter your suits and dresses, or any other clothing that you need altered.

 All Fabrics, All Styles, All Sizes

Village Cleaners can alter silk, wool, linen, cotton and synthetics. We have the expertise to do both machine and hand work. We do it right, right away. Alterations are the best way to make a garment look great, while saving money as well.
Suits, Jackets & Shirts
Pants, Dresses & Blouses 
Skirts & Gowns
Curtains, Bedspreads & Table-clothes
 If you need clothing altered, bring it to Village Cleaners and let our professionals give you your perfect fit!

Expert Alterations and Tailoring

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Alterations can be any type of alteration or tailoring. An alteration or tailoring can be taking up a hem, or altering the length of a pair of pants. An alteration can be as simple as replacing a button, or as complex as a tailor re-building the bodice of a pearl covered wedding dress. A good tailor or seamstress can make alterations on anything. Tailors have been making people look great in their clothes for thousands of generations. Alterations began when clothes were first invented and cave woman Ugheth needed alterations to her favorite mammoth dress in order to go on the big hunt. The Greeks and Romans used alterations and tailoring to make their togas more form fitting. Even Napoleon needed alterations to his tailor made uniforms that made him look a little taller in the saddle. Where there have been clothes, there has been tailors and a need for alterations. Village Cleaners have the areas best tailors and most experienced clothes alterations experts. Repairing a hem, replacing a button, making an outfit look right or a suit look perfect, remaking that dress you love from the first dance you had with your husband. We can tailor it to you. We are the alterations experts.

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