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Our Tailors Give You The Perfect Fit

From alterations and tailoring to clothes repair and the right fit, everyone encounters a need for men’s tailoring, or women’s tailoring at some point because it happens to everyone… you have that favorite dress or suit that says everything about you. Sharp, beautiful, graceful, well dressed, professional… but you can’t wear it anymore. Your body has changed but your clothes have not changed with it.

Or you tear a hem on something that snags your skirt or pants. Maybe you lose a button and don’t have time to replace it. Then there’s that perfect outfit you bought, but it’s not your size.

Or perhaps it’s the family heirloom wedding dress that your grandmother, and your mother, wore on their special days. You need it to fit so that you look just as wonderful as they did.

What do you do? Get an expert tailor.

Alterations and tailoring that give you a perfect fit

Village Dry Cleaner’s Tailors Can Give You Your Perfect Fit!

Village Cleaner’s tailors can get you the perfect fit you want, for almost any garment you need alterations for. We’re experts at clothing repair, alterations and tailoring. We can make it look great on you, with a great fit. Our staff have decades of experience in clothes repair, expert tailoring and expert alterations. We can perform men’s tailoring, women’s tailoring, men’s clothes alterations and women’s clothes alterations. Just check out these services…


Alterations that make clothes fit

Replacing buttons or hem adjustments

Clothing repair for damaged fabrics

Alter and tailor suits or dresses

Alter garment sizes

Expert tailoring for men and women

Alterations to linens, tablecloths and more!


Village  Dry Cleaner’s tailors can get your tailoring and alterations needs done right. Call us today!


 Alterations For All Fabrics, All Styles, All Sizes

Village Cleaners can make alterations to silk, wool, linen, cotton and synthetics. We do both machine and hand alterations work. We do it right, right away. Expert alterations are the best way to make a garment look great again, while saving money as well.


Suits, Jackets & Shirts

Pants, Dresses & Blouses 

Skirts & Gowns

Curtains, Bedspreads & Table-clothes


Don’t live with clothes that don’t fit. Have Village Cleaners alter them today!

Let our tailoring professionals give you your perfect fit!

Alterations, Tailoring, Sewing, Clothes Repair

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Alterations, Tailoring, Sewing, Clothes Repair, Alter, Tailor   Alterations, Tailoring, Sewing, Clothes Repair, Alter, Tailor    Alterations, Tailoring, Sewing, Clothes Repair, Alter, Tailor


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