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Draperies give a home that finished, polished look that creates a beautiful environment for your family, and enhances your decorative taste.  They don’t have to be expensive to work, but they do need to be cared for if you want them to last. A higher priced drapery does not necessarily mean that they will last longer than a less expensive drapery if not properly cared for. Either way, they are an investment that you want to protect.

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With proper care, even draperies made of average grade fabrics can last for years. For those made from more expensive fabrics, such care is mandatory if you want them to last. Cleaning on an annual basis will protect their color and fabric, and the look you love.
The greatest concerns with draperies are the conditions they’re exposed to in your home. From sunlight to dust, and household conditions, there are many things that can effect your draperies shape. That’s why we carefully examine and evaluate them before undertaking any cleaning procedures. If we determine through examination that there is a concern, we’ll discuss with you the potential risk of cleaning them.
You can protect your valuable investment in your draperies by having them professionally cleaned, at least every year. Professional drapery cleaning will make your draperies last for years and extend your enjoyment of them indefinitely.

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