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Commercial laundering is one of the best ways to give shirts that “professional crisp look.” Village Cleaners is your best choice for keeping your shirts looking new, sharp and professional. Our shirt service takes great care in making sure that your shirts are cleaned, steamed and pressed to your orders.

Our process insures that your valuable investment in dress, executive or uniform shirts pays off long term. The same goes for women’s dresses and blouses as well. We know you have to look the part, and we do our best to deliver that look.

Quality Shirt & Blouse Service

 We Clean Your Shirts Right

A wide variety of elements influence a shirt’s behavior in cleaning and use. Some elements can be controlled by proper care procedures. Others are actually inherent properties of the shirt that may influence cleaning success.

Some of the common problems which may arise during a laundering process are discoloration of armhole seams, perspiration and antiperspirant damage, interfacing defects, cracked buttons, fugitive dyes, holes and tears in Oxford shirts, and shrinkage. We try to mitigate these potential problem as much as possible.

Cotton and cotton blend dress shirts and blouses are professionally washed and pressed. Starch can be added if a hard finish is desired. They can also be folded for travel if requested. At Village Cleaners missing or broken buttons are replaced free of charge.

We give you the polished look you want

 How Long Should a Shirt Last?

(Wear life expectancy)

Determining how long a shirt should last is difficult due to variances in frequency of wear, the quality of construction and the fabric from which it’s made. However, industry experience shows that, on average, shirts have a two-year life expectancy. The number of times its laundered is a much better measurement method.

The average shirt or blouse should have a wear life of 35 to 50 cleanings. This will fluctuate depending on the amount of abrasion and strain placed on the shirt during wear, the fiber content, the type of fabric, and the laundering procedure. Contact us for more information.

At Village Cleaners, our shirt service uses a mild process that helps to make your shirt or blouse last longer, and look better. 

 Washing and Folding Services

Washer or dryer need repair and can’t get a repairman out for a few days?
Traveling and are pressed for time?
Just don’t want the hassle?
Professional on the go and don’t have time to do laundry?
Or perhaps you and your spouse both work outside the home and would rather spend your free time with your family, rather than washing and drying your clothes.

These are perfect situations where our convenient wash, dry, and fold services are the right solution. Bring  your laundry in and we will get it ready to go – 5lb minimum. Call us for more information. Let go of the hassle! Give it to Village Cleaners.

Get your head out of the dryer. You’ve got better things to do! Call us today!

Convenient Laundry Services

Eco Friendly Dry Cleaning

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