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Stains come in many types, but they can ruin nice garments quickly. Time waits for nothing – including your stained garments. Studies by the International Fabricare Institute (IFI) have proven that the sooner you bring your stained garment to a professional dry cleaner, the more likely it can be removed. The experienced stain removal experts at Village Cleaners have years of professional experience saving garments like yours.

Professional Stain Removal

Different Stains Require Different Methods

Most, but not all, stains can be removed even by an expert stain removal technician. Many factors determining if a stain will be removed are: type of stain, the type of fabric, and the length of time the stain has remained on the fabric. Stains from some dyes, medicine, or ink may not be completely removed because they contain permanent dyeing matter.

The most common stains are food and beverage stains. Salad oils, other food fats, and greases oxidize over time, leaving a tan or yellow stains. Other food and beverages contain animal proteins (i.e., dairy products), tannins (coffee, tea), or sugars ( juices, soda, alcohol) that can similarly oxidize with age, discolor, and become permanently set.

 Age of Stain & Probability of Removal

Within 24 Hours – 90% or better

Within 7 Days – 79.8%

Within 21 Days – 53.1%

(Note: The above referenced figures are provided by the International Fabricare Institute and should serve as a guideline. Each stain and fabric is unique; and although we do our best, the best results cannot be guaranteed.)

If you spill something on your clothing, do not wipe it. Always blot it. By attempting to remove a stain with a household stain removal remedy on certain fabrics and substances, you could unknowingly be setting the stain, making it difficult or even impossible for your professional dry cleaner to remove.

At Village Cleaners, we have spot removing agents, equipment and experience superior to any household solution you might try. Don’t take chances with your garments– instead take them to Village Cleaners.

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