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Heirloom Quality Wedding Dress Preservation

Village Cleaners has been preserving cherished wedding memories, and the treasured gowns that go with them, for decades. We are experts in wedding dress preservation, and understand the immense importance of your wedding day, and the beloved memento that goes with it. Trust your wedding dress to Village Cleaners.

We Take Great Care In Your Wedding Dress Preservation

Our multiple step process includes the following:

  • After checking in your wedding dress, we thoroughly inspect it for stains and any needed repairs.
  • Your wedding gown is then hand cleaned along the hem, neckline and underarms. We professionally remove dirt, mud, grass-stains, asphalt parking lot oil and other stains from your wedding dress hem. We pay particular attention to removing all of the make-up, deodorant and perspiration stains as well.
  • Our expert staff will also thoroughly inspect your wedding dress with a black light to reveal any hidden stains. All stains and spots are specifically treated to gently remove them from your wedding gown and the process includes our anti-sugar treatment which removes all sugar stains (usually caused by wines, sodas, or cake frosting) and keeps them from returning and yellowing over time.
  • Your wedding gown is then individually cleaned. We use a more expensive solvent which is environmentally friendly and gentler on fabrics. Our exclusive cleaning process also keeps your wedding dress from yellowing.
  • A complete and thorough re-inspection of your wedding dress then takes place. If any problems remain, the wedding gown is re-processed and any needed repairs are made. 
  • Our wedding dress preservation experts then individually steam and hand press your wedding dress, then it’s individually dried to make sure all moisture is gone from the wedding dress fabric.
  • The bodice and skirt are layered with acid free tissue paper to protect it, and it is then carefully placed in an acid free windowed display box and completely sealed to keep the moisture from the outside humidity out, and to also keep out mold spores, and dust. (Moisture in the box/fabric can cause mildew). It’s also important to provide this sealed barrier to keep insects from getting in and nesting in your wedding dress. The windowed preservation box is then placed inside a white storage box.
 These extra special steps are taken to insure that your personal wedding day treasure is distinctively and exclusively preserved for your memories and posterity.

Wedding Gown Preservation

You can trust Village Cleaners with your wedding dress preservation and the safety of your precious heirloom.

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A wedding dress can be one of the most precious and sentimental items a woman owns. It’s care and storage are critical to it’s preservation. At Village Cleaners, we are experts in cleaning wedding dresses and wedding gowns. Our professionals have been cleaning wedding dresses for decades and preserving memories for years! We are the leading local cleaners for wedding dress preservation. If you need wedding dress preservation or wedding dress cleaning, bring your wedding dress to Village Cleaners, where you know it will be done right!

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